Nautical items

SOLD! N.8. Very nice all brass constructed ship's "basket" light from the engine room of the WWII US Navy battleship USS South Dakota. The light still has it's red bulb and glass sleeve. The fixture is 10" in height by 5.4" wide and is in very good condition. A rare piece of US naval history....................$275.SOLD!

N.11. Very nice wooden constructed ship's officer mess mail drop box. The mail dispatch box is from the H.M.S. SAUMAREZ which was named after Admiral Saumarez. This British destroyer was sunk on 22 October 1946 by a mine in the Corfu Channel off the coast of Albania. Twenty-six crew men were casualties and are interred in the British Cemetary, Corfu, Greece. The box dimensions are 10 1/4" wide by 12"- high by 2 1/2" wide. The box was hung on the officer's mess wall. Shipboard originated letters were then dropped into the box for boswain pick up for eventual shore mailing. The box is heavily shellacked and has the ship's name across the front and the ship's seal logo above the name. This is a one of a kind historic naval item.........................$275.

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